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Richard Branson rocks out with Song Division

Song Disivion was called on to give Sir Richard Branson and his 1,500 Virgin Australia employees an experience they’d never forget.

Sir Richard Branson crowd surfing in Brisbane.

Two weeks before the ‘meet and greet’, Virgin Australia staff were informed that they were all going to write an original song together about why they loved Sir Richard and perform it for him backed by an amazing band.

An email went out asking for lyrics and hundreds of submissions were received and turned into the very funky song ‘Rockin’ The Sky’ with a little help from Song Division.


When Richard arrived at Virgin Australia headquarters in Brisbane, he was expecting to say a hello, shake some hands and get a few photos. What he got was a rock star reception as he was mobbed by his loyal employees, before being informed by Song Division MC Sam McNeill that everyone had written a song especially for him….and did he want to hear it?

Of course he did! The song was performed by the thousands of Virgin Australia crew and the Song Division band, climaxing in Sir Richard doing the logical thing a rock star would do – he went crowdsurfing!

Needless to say, it was a very rock and roll meet and greet that neither Branson nor his loving followers will ever forget.

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