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GPJ brings Dublin to life for Emirates

Dublin is the city of great storytellers, which is why Emirates engaged brand ‘storytellers’ George P. Johnson (GPJ),  to bring “Hello Dublin!” to life for the 2012 Emirates Melbourne Cup Carnival.

GPJ created a quirky ‘Dublin’ themed marquee for this year’s Emirates ‘birdcage’ at the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

For the 5th year in a row, GPJ designed and built the Emirates ’birdcage’ Marquee as the centerpiece of this legendary event, sweeping all before it in capturing guests and media attention.

Having created the renowned Emirates St. Petersberg Marquee for the 2011 Cup, GPJ’s big challenge was to be better than GPJ, and ensure Emirates and Dublin are on everybody’s lips in the context of luxurious experiences and impeccable service.

Other brands are also competing for ‘birdcage’ and media attention, so having the experts at engagement marketing is essential. Emirates worked with GPJ’s top creative, design and production people and the result reached millions across Australia and the world.

The world’s media flocked to it, and when the celebrity and power A-list crowd fluttered and glittered into view on the first Tuesday in November, the banter of strangers quickly became the buzz of engagement amid the emerald green, rich leather and timbers and the Library Bar with its thousands of books.

Guests enjoyed the atmosphere of the Library Bar with its thousands of books

The Emirates Marquee was a hub of luxurious excellence in design, style and comfort, with entertainment, superlative cuisine, champagne and of course, Guinness.

It’s all about conversations and celebrations, or as GPJ puts it: “It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story”. Many, many stories of Dublin and Emirates were told at this year’s Melbourne Cup.

The Marquee has to also function as a brand beacon, an icon of aspiration, and a broadcast centre while being the number one Melbourne Cup location. “When the greatest race-day on earth meets the greatest airline on earth, coming second is not an option”, said Peter Rix, managing director of GPJ.

It was a true Emirates quality experience that also put smiles on the faces of Ireland’s tourism experts. And as the luck of the Irish would have it, an Irish-bred horse won the Cup.

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