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VictorsFood launches multi-sensory team cooking concept for groups

A new program from rogenSi and VictorsFood leverages rogenSi’s ‘secret’ to exceptional performance using VictorsFood’s uniquely effective MasterChef Challenge to create the ultimate learning and bonding experience for teams wanting to enhance their performance.

A team taking part in a VictorsFood cooking experience.

VictorsFood director Jim Bahr (MSEd) says “Psychological research shows that people learn better when exposed to new information in ways that engage as many senses as possible. With rogenSi training a team in their EP (Exceptionally Performing) Team framework, using our MasterChef Challenge cooking experience as an experiential, the members of the team engage through every sense, cementing their learnings. Together we deliver an incredibly effective learning experience that takes teams into realms of exceptional performance.”

Dr Clark Perry, director at rogenSi, and one of the developers of the EP Team framework said, “In the EP Team program, we teach the qualities needed in the people and team dynamics to make success possible; and we show them how to identify and cultivate the will, the skill and way to succeed. The VictorsFood MasterChef Challenge acts as a metaphor for high performing teams. Victor is highly knowledgeable and draws relevant insights for business audiences.”

Taking a team through this experience makes possible the achievement of extraordinary outcomes.

VictorsFood is food experience company who create memorable, interactive team building, cooking parties, cooking classes, corporate events, international food tours and much more for groups.

They also offer professional services in food consulting, training, food coaching, demonstrations and presentations.

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