Whisk Up Team Excellence Through Raw Ingredients From VictorsFood

Uncover leaders, reveal and change team dynamics and build valuable skills through Raw Ingredients. Combine expert facilitation, state-of-the-art psychometric profiling and hands-on cooking to reveal the recipe for team success


Uncover tomorrow’s leaders, reveal and change individual and team dynamics and build valuable team skills through Raw Ingredients. Brought to you by experts of team building and facilitation, VictorsFood and Logical Creativity, Raw Ingredients combines all the excitement and sensation of a hands-on gourmet cooking experience with the foundational principles of team psychology.

You will be better able to identify, understand and address some fundamental dynamics about your people and their individual and collective performance:

  • What does each employee need to buy in to the task or challenge at hand?
  • What can inspire your people to take on a task and deliver it successfully?
  • How can you be sure that every employee is fully engaged every day?
  • What impact does the collaborative style of each team member have on others?
  • What do you need to do to optimise your team for success?

Through expert facilitation, state-of-the-art psychometric profiling and a hands-on MasterChef Challenge cooking event, Raw Ingredients reveals the ultimate recipe for team success.



Using the engaging, creative and tasty metaphor of cooking, our facilitators identify the individual attributes of your team members and how these play out within the unique context and dynamic of your team goals.

Our experienced facilitators use detailed psychometric profiles to introduce your team to each other in a way they have never experienced, revealing their:

  • Natural talents and innate personal strengths
  • Instinctive work preferences and how to best deliver in all situations
  • Default vulnerabilities and how to minimise their impact.

Options include:

  • Choice of 2 profiles
  • Full or half-day sessions
  • Competitive (MasterChef Challenge) or non-competitive cooking

Business logic and a creative spirit are artfully blended into a deliciously engaging and productive day of learning. Take your team to the next level and above by discovering their Raw Ingredients.

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