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Domino’s Pizza targets event and corporate catering

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises has launched a catering tool across its online ordering platforms in a move that sees the company targeting the Australian catering industry.

The new catering tool is the latest innovation in Domino’s online ordering offering. Domino’s online marketing director, Michael Gillespie said that while Domino’s have always had the capacity to fill large orders and cater for events, the catering tool will help make the ordering process easy and cost effective for consumers.

Kicking off Domino’s online ordering system for group catering and events, Domino’s online marketing driector, Michael Gillespie.

“We know that Australians love sharing pizza, but we also know that it is difficult to put together an order for ten or more people,” said  Gillespie.

“Our new catering tool is the solution because it’s simple and cost effective; customers just select the number of people that they are catering for and the system provides a range of discounted packages to suit.

“The packages vary from including only Value and Traditional Range pizzas all the way through to options including Premium pizzas with drinks, sides and desserts, and pricing is given ‘per head’ to make budgeting and planning easier.

“You can even have the system select popular pizza combinations for you.”

The catering tool is available for both pick-up and delivery orders, and can be accessed through a link on Domino’s current online ordering system.

Gillespie said the catering tool had been integrated across Domino’s six online ordering platforms.

“The new catering tool is available on all of our online ordering platforms; our Desktop site, Accessible site, Mobile site, iPhone App, Android App, iPad App and also through our recently launched Facebook Ordering application.”