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Vizi New Media and KFC help with messages for mum campaign

Fast food chain KFC took to the streets with a unique interactive branding experience recently, using video kiosks for pedestrians to record messages for ‘mum’ as part of ‘The Goodification of Mother’s Day’ campaign.

The video kiosk were placed in a high pedestrian area of Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

KFC took to Sydney’s Darling Harbour in collaboration with agency Ogilvy & Mather with kiosks provided by Vizi New Media,

“Our Video Kiosk was used for this campaign and was an absolute success in getting people to not only record, but also post to social media sites and send links of their videos to friends,” said Vizi New Media’s managing director, Con Hatzigiannis.

Bumping in the the booths for KFC’s ‘Goodification of Mother’s Day’ campaign.

“All videos were instantly uploaded to an administration site, where the agency could remotely view, approve, tag and upload content to their Youtube channel.

Participants recorded messages to their ‘mums’ and uploaded them to Youtube and social media sites.

“Once approved, emails would automatically be sent to people, thanking them for their participation and with a link to their specific video, which they in turn could upload to their own social media sites.”

Uploaded video messages can be seen here.

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