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New look for Novotel Glen Waverly

Following on from a full refurbishment of all public and conference areas, this year the Novotel Melbourne Glen Waverley will invest an additional $5.6 million on the refurbishment of all 200 accommodation rooms.

The refurbishment heralds the arrival of Novotel’s new next  room concept to Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, incorporating a contemporary and stylish
new design with new advances in in-room technology.

Melbourne’s Novotel Glen Waverly will undergo a refurbishment to guest rooms.

Accommodation rooms will receive a fresh new colour scheme, contemporary soft furnishings including the Novotel NEXT Halo Bedhead with integrated backlighting, chaise lounge and coffee table as well as a large workstation inclusive of the “MediaHub HD”.

This new in-room technology allows stereo Bluetooth enabled smart phones, laptops, or MP3 players to wirelessly stream audio through the new
32” television, thereby converting the room into a mobile office.

Guest disruption will be minor if any. Of the six hotel floors, two accommodation floors at a time will be placed out of order so that guests will not see any
refurbishment work in progress. Nor will there be any guest disruption or refurbishment work in any other area of the hotel. All work will be carried out
between June – September but limited to Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm when the majority of guests are out and about.

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