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Arinex Technology launches Speaker Management System

Arinex Technology has launched a speaker management system for conferences, aimed to assist venues and AV companies with automating and streamlining the management of presentations.

As part of the testing, arinex Technology is working closely with the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) to test eSpeaker in a live environment.

“The MCEC has been a long-standing partner of arinex in our management of conferences and events, and we welcome their input as they test out the eSpeaker software,” said Roslyn McLeod, managing director of arinex.

eSpeaker is a unique speaker preparation and content distribution system that has been strategically designed to streamline the processes involved in managing presentations.Conference speakers can conveniently upload presentations pre-conference or onsite, with eSpeaker automatically allocating and distributing the presentations to its respective session rooms. In essence, it minimises the need for manual administration, thus allowing the technicians to focus on the speaker and on customer service.

As a business events venue that hosts numerous presentations each year, the MCEC is well-placed to be a strategic partner of arinex Technology in the testing of the new software.

MCEC’s Technology services manager, Paul Rumble said: “eSpeaker complements MCEC’s aim to continue as a leading venue in innovation within the business events industry. We recognise the benefits and the convenience it will provide our clients, through its automated functionalities, and are pleased to partner with arinex Technology to test eSpeaker.”


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