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MCEC enjoys record one week in September

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) broke records in September, achieving its best ever quarterly result by 15 per cent; hosting its largest sit down dinner and selling out its plenary for the first time.

Man vs. Wild: A Wild Night With Bear Grylls’ on Saturday 3 September 2011 was the MCEC’s first sold out session in The Plenary since opening in June 2009.

A record 5,467 attendees were entertained by Grylls who swung into the plenary on a lighting rig and abseiled down to the stage.

On Tuesday 6 September 2011, after two weeks of operational planning, MCEC’s exhibition bays were transformed overnight from a dinner set up for 2,200 to a plated dinner for a record 3,400 people set to a different configuration all equipped with two specially built temporary kitchen areas in the exhibition.

The MCEC acting chief executive, Leighton Wood

“Our ability to successfully host these two record setting events in the one week is a testament to the flexibility of our venue and the outstanding commitment to customer service by our team,” said Leighton Wood MCEC’s acting chief executive.

“It’s truly a magnificent achievement which is reflected in the surpassing of our previous best result for a September quarter (2009) by 15 per cent.”