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Brisbane Lord Mayor Encourages Business Events Boost

Brisbane’s Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk has addressed an audience of Brisbane business leaders on Tuesday (18 Oct)  to demonstrate the significant economic value and lasting legacies the business events industry brings to the local economy.

In the wake of the January floods, the Lord Mayor (pictured above) called upon Brisbane business leaders to support the city by helping to attract their own corporate and industry events to the city.

Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk said Brisbane’s status as a leading destination for business events is well earnt. Last year the industry delivered $188 million dollars in economic value from 1,280 business events.

“I want to encourage businesses that if they will support my programme to ‘Meet Together’ in Brisbane, in return, not only will they boost our local economy, they will also receive a host of tangible benefits, which can positively impact on their bottom line and provide a clear competitive advantage.

“There is hard evidence that innovation is a cornerstone to business success – and it’s at conferences held in our city that the best industry minds are brought together, from all geographical locations, to share knowledge and skills. These, in return improve productivity and personal performance, leading to innovative leaps in the production of products and provision of services”.

Other benefits the Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk highlighted to Brisbane business leaders were, by attracting talent and industry leaders to our city, they can raise the profile of their company’s local operations on the national and international stage, while contributing to the city’s economic development.

Leading the city’s business events industry is Brisbane Marketing’s Convention Bureau.

Brisbane Marketing’s CEO, John Aitken said the Convention Bureau team’s capability to secure conferences from strategic industry segments will bring significant flow-on benefits for Australia’s new world city – from economic value to knowledge enrichment and skills transfer.

“The lasting legacies of business events are felt long after delegates leave the city and the positive effect on the bottom line of the local economy both assists our city’s flood recovery today, and benefit all sectors of industry for years to come”.

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