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Pacific Beverages launches new Australian cider, Dapple.

Pacific Beverages has unveiled a new draught offering for Australian consumers, Dapple Cider at an exclusive event held on Thursday, 8 September 2011.

Dapple Cider is the latest addition to Pacific Beverages’ expanding beverage portfolio to delight customers and consumers

The event held at the Coca-cola Place in North Sydney served as a great platform for media to preview their new range of cider made with apples sourced from Goulburn Valley.

Produced at Bluetongue Brewery in Warnervale on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Dapple Cider has a fresh apple aroma, a subtle sweetness and refreshing apple taste with fine champagne-like carbonation, perfectly designed for the Australian consumer.

Raising their apples and glasses in celebration at the event were Peter McLoughlin, Sarah Dennis, Paul Feasey and Peter Gloster Of Dapple Cider

Sarah Dennis, Marketing Manager for Dapple Cider said, “Australians are adopting cider in droves, and Dapple Cider is a new age cider that is uniquely formulated for the Australian palate. We source all our apples from the Goulburn Valley and are proud to be supporting the Australian apple growing industry.

“The Australian cider market has been dominated by more traditional ciders based on International profiles. We recognise that Australian consumers are looking for a refreshing, dry cider that delivers a mid-level sweetness with low ferment flavours and a crisp, fresh apple taste. Dapple Cider has been tailored to satisfy these consumer tastes”, said Dennis.

Dapple Cider will initially be available in draught format in selected venues across the eastern seaboard.

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