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MONDO launches winter menu Prohibition-Style

Last week MONDO Bartenders kicked of a week long series of cocktail tasting sessions named ‘Sneaky Drinks’ at their studio in Alexandria with a quirky prohibition theme.

Guests were greeted by a MONDO Bartender dressed in 1920’s attire and looking rather suspicious. The ‘undercover bartender’ then ushered guests through a dimly lit hallway and up a staircase that transported guests back in to a bootleg bar reminiscent of a New York ‘speakeasy’ of the 1920s.

Mondo’s Bartenders tempted guest’s tastebuds by showcasing their new winer menu 1920’s style.

Themed with velvet draping, old world pieces, vintage bartending memorabilia, collections of butterflies, glass terrariums, old books, art deco lamps, photographs and a stunning set chaise lounges.

MONDO showcased its new black chesterfield mobile bar, which is now available for hire.

A very specific attention to detail was set to create the perfect ambience for the evening which was aimed to offer a taste of the MONDO collection this winter. The guests were able to join in to shake and muddle the cocktails with our cocktail bartenders.

The new menu consisted of the New York Fizz, Citrus Kick which is a delightful concoction of chilli and blood orange blend to create a warm ‘zing’) and an Apple Crumble Martini served in brown bottles with paper straws which were chilled and laid out on a platter of ice.

Another popular drink was The Earl Grey; an infusion of sweetened tea, fresh lemon and gin served in a vintage tea cup with a lemon wheel garnish and a lemon sugar encrusted teaspoon on the side.

Popular on the evening was the Earl Grey; an infusion of sweetened tea, fresh lemon and gin served in a vintage tea cup with a lemon wheel

MONDO are renowned for unique beverage concepts, they tailor menus for each event and enhance the theme of the event with entertainment when it comes to bartenders.

The theme was carried throughout the night with guests receiving a ‘Dr. MONDO Elixir’ custom bottle of ‘bootleg porter beer’ as a parting gift.

MONDO will continue to promote its new menu launches with a series of intimate cocktail tasting events. It is a unique face to face way of entertaining clients and showcasing the MONDO mobile bar service.

The next menu release for MONDO Bartenders will be the spring/summer collection launching this August.