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Mojo Barriers expands into Australia

Mojo Barriers has expanded its offering to the Australian music and event industry with the appointment of stage barrier professional, Stanley Jilesen.
The appointment of internationally experienced Stanley Jilesen as a Mojo Barriers representative in Australia provides clients across the whole continent with the expertise to improve the safety of audiences. In addition to offering advice on crowd flow and dynamics, Stanley will be onsite to ensure the safe installation of Mojo Barriers world renowned aluminium barrier system.

Stanley Jilesen, pictured on the left with Iain Barclay from ESG Australia

Mojo’s managing director Cees Muurling confirmed the new arrangement following the provision of stage barriers to the U2 and Muse tours at the close of 2010, when Mojo lived up to its excellent reputation to consistently provide safe environments for audiences, artists and employees.

The shows marked the beginning of a busy summer supplying crowd barriers across Australia and New Zealand to tours, festivals including The Big Day Out, one off concerts and venues, where Mojo Barriers played a key role in the safety of all involved.

“In recent years we have invested in new stocks of Mojo Aluminium Barriers and developed an array of special products including corner barriers, line-up gates for ingress and egress control, along with our Barrier Load Monitor System (BLMS) to measure pressures exerted by audiences, all focused on creating safer event sites,” said Muurling, adding, “We are able to support local promoters and event organisers by permanently housing expanded stocks of our products in Australia. This has also reduced the shipping costs for tours using Mojo Barriers coming into the continent, as the equipment and expertise now based there will be compatible with any bespoke systems carried by bands. This benefits both the environmental impact of the tour and saves clients’ money.”

“The events market has expanded and become increasingly sophisticated in recent years across Australia, and there is a commitment to create safe events amongst professional organisers,” said ESG Australia’s managing director Iain Barclay. “ESG Australia has an established logistical network and strong client relationships that sits very comfortably with the introduction of Mojo Barriers. Mojo Barriers has a strong global track record and the company continues to pave the way in researching crowd safety techniques and providing safe event solutions to organisers who value the importance of health and safety of crowds attending live events.”

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