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Event Planners Australia rebrands to become MCI

A stylish black and fuchsia flower has made an entrance in the Australian business events scene, as Event Planners Australia launched its rebranding as MCI this week.

The rebranding comes eight months after Event Planners announced its merger with MCI, the leading globally integrated association, communications and event management agency with 44 offices across 22 countries.

“MCI has a strong global brand but was not as well known in Australia. We maintained dual branding in 2010 to leverage Event Planners 31 year pedigree and strong national Association focus, but now it’s time to introduce MCI and the benefits this new chapter offers for our Australian clients and suppliers,” said Ray Shaw, managing director.

“The flower stands for our sense of welcome, conviviality and service. It conveys attention to detail and friendliness,” said Catherine Reilly, deputy managing director and charged with the responsibility for rolling out MCI’s brand.

MCI is a globally integrated association, communication and event management agency in 44 offices worldwide.


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