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‘Wok’ Your Christmas Party

VictorsFood invites you to “Wok” your Christmas Party with our their new hands-on cooking events with an Asian twist.

Are you looking for a Christmas party that will be “the best we ever had”? Good tidings – you’ve found it!

VictorsFood interactive cooking events are the best way to spread joy in your team. Take one of our exciting team building formats, and wrap it in Christmas cheer. “Yule” have the Christmas party (with or without the “Christmas”) everyone will remember and talk about forever.

VictorsFood is incorporating an Asian twist to their popular team events

You get a great party, with all the benefits of team building (without your team having to know). Group cooking is a fantastic way to engage your team and get their creative juices flowing, plus you get to eat the results. Add a bit of great music, tinsel or sparkling wine (or water) and you’ve got the Christmas party your guests will be thanking you for in years to come.

VictorFood has launched their new Wok into Action cooking event for groups

Wok into Action is an ‘Asian Action Adventure’. This 3.5 hour event takes your team on a journey through the flavours of Asia. Wanitha tailors team building metaphors to your team through ingredients, recipes and techniques. Bring ancient philosophy into everyday action using the alchemy of the kitchen to transform your team into gold.

A great  idea, not just for the holidays but for any team event- want to know more? Click here.


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