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Waterlilly showcases concept showroom in Sydney

Waterlilly showcased a night of indulgence on October 7 to say say thank you to their clients in their recently opened concept showroom.

Waterlilly invited guests to experience a tranquil world featuring stainless steel, stone and glass water features, illuminated by stunning LED lights. The showroom was decorated with beautiful faux floral arrangements and intricate lighting displays. Guests were greeted by roving waiters offering ice cold drinks and mouth watering canapés.

Guests were greated with unique water and lighting displays, fountains and floral arrangements

Each room had a theme representing the four key elements of the business. Lighting, Water features, ponds and foliage.

Waterlilly offers cutting edge technology and innovations in LED lighting which have become popular for the range of available colours and energy saving qualities. LED lighting also has the added benefits of emitting a beam of light with no UV ray, meaning they don’t attract insects.

The night featured an incredible light show demonstrating the stunning effects of LED lights for indoor and outdoor use as the lighting doesn not emit heat therefore removes burning risk.

The newly-opened Waterlily showroom in Sydney’s Waterloo

Slideshows of completed projects were on display to showcase the variety of custom design projects for clients. Waterlilly’s portfolio includes corporate brandede water features, aquariums, unique personally-created indoor and outdoor gardens and restored fountains.