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Meet the creator of the world’s most successful corporate act

Mark Bradley, creator of The Three Waiters and one of the world’s most experienced talents and innovators in the world of event entertainment has established Mark Bradley International, formerly known as Mardar Entertainment – the company he created over 12 years ago.

Bradley  has put his name to the brand that has become a global phenomenon- Mark Bradley International (formerly Mardar Entertainment) owns and manages The Three Waiters worldwide.

Creater of The Three Waiters, Mark Bradley

Credited to working with over 12,000 events throughout the past 23 years, there is no doubt that Bradley, the Creative Director and CEO of the company, is one of the worlds most experienced authorities in the field of special event entertainment.

Previously a professional singer of opera and music theatre, by 1997 Bradley was at the top of his field as a professional photographer.

One evening after jokingly dressing as a “waiter” with colleague Clifford Wallace and singing Christmas carols at an event for Lachlan Murdoch, Bradley came up with the idea of forming an act with three singers dressed as waiters, sending up The Three Tenors. The rest is history. About to hit 10,000 performances in 74 countries, Mark Bradley International now employs over 100 performers across the globe with shows based out of London, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Mark Bradley International represents some of the industry’s finest acts including not only The Three Waiters, but a stable of other high end acts which include the String Angels, Hypnotwist and Figaro.

Bradley’s latest show Tenors Undercover has received rave reviews as male and/or female performers masquerade as anything from guest speakers to award winning chefs, wine experts, ushers and planted guests.

Memories of the King, is another new show specially written for talented showman Royden Donohue. “Royden has the closest voice to Elvis I have ever heard,” says Bradley.

For further information or to discuss how Mark Bradley International can help design unforgettable entertainment for your special event, visit