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Hospitality industry gears up for recruitment surge

Nosh, a leading Sydney-based company that specialises in supplying temporary and permanent hospitality personnel for corporate and large-scale events is about to embark on a major recruitment drive, which will see staff on their books climb from the current 200 to a projected 800 by the end of the year.

When the global financial crisis hit, the crunch that was felt across the banking and finance sector had a knock on effect when it came to the hospitality industry. Budgets were slashed and the notion of the lavish corporate bash seemed excessive- vulgar even.

But Nosh says that the corporate world is again entertaining and the evidence is in the rise in recruitment.

Nosh Hospitality’s Henk Merkenhof say industry recruitment is surging ahead

“You do notice the unemployment rates dropping,” says business manager permanent placements for Nosh, Henk Merkenhof.

“I’ve been recruiting fairly consistently all year for corporate staff but we are about to start our event calendar, which runs now with the football and racing season right through to Christmas,” he says, adding that while the industry hasn’t quite returned to its glory days, things are certain on the rebound.

Established 13 years ago and a major player in the Sydney Olympics, Nosh – who regularly supply hospitality and catering staff for events The Australian Jockey Club, ANZ Stadium and The Festival of Sydney – experienced steady growth prior to the financial crash, according to Merkenhof.

Not expected to resume, however is the showy corporate soiree. ‘The boozy lunch went out with the introduction of fringe benefits tax and now huge lavish corporate events are more muted and companies are having in-house functions which was intensified by the collapse.

“Currently a lot of demand for catering staff is by corporate clients for lunches in the boardroom, in-house cocktail parties and barbeques on the terrace,” said Merkenhof.

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