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Exclusive: Carlson to add hotels in NZ and Fiji

By James Wilkinson in Orlando, Florida

Carlson Hotels is expected to add hotels in New Zealand and Fiji to its portfolio during 2010, according to the company’s Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Jean-Marc Busato.

Radisson Fiji Resort is helping to create demand for
additional hotels in the region

At the Carlson Hotels Global Business Conference in Orlando, Florida last week, Busato exclusively told SpiceNews negotiations were advanced, particularly in New Zealand.

“We are working on properties in the Fiji Islands and New Zealand,” he said. “New Zealand we have strong leads and in Fiji the success of the Radisson resort, which will also become BLU (the company’s new sub-brand in Radisson), is creating additional interest and we have been talking to one or two owners (about a new property).

SpiceNews understands discussions regarding the potential New Zealand properties are significantly advanced and announcements of signings could be made in the first half of 2010.

Busato said Carlson would also like to grow the Australian portfolio, however given the lack of new projects on the horizon, it is proving to be a significant challenge.

“I wish we could add more properties, but the market is flat,” he said. “Hopefully (Radisson) BLU will help.”

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