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Handfeed Stingrays on Daydream Island

Daydream Island has launched a new 45 minute experience allowing small groups the opportunity to hand-feed stingrays, perfect for incentives or family conference programs.

The island’s new attraction offers small groups of up to four people the opportunity to walk knee-deep into the man-made reef to hand-feed resident stingrays and sharks plus pat the stingrays.

Handfeeding stingrays is the newest attraction at Daydream Island Resort and Spa’s Living Reef, one of the world’s largest man-made coral reef lagoons.

Guests can learn all about the biology of these amazing creatures from the experienced guides and can also closely view corals and touch starfish and sea cucumbers. The rays have all been de-barbed and every precaution has been taken to ensure guests’ safety.

The Stingray Splash experience costs $38. Daydream’s Living Reef is home to more than 80 species of fish and 50 species of coral. The reef is a massive 2,650 square metres in size. Free educational feeding sessions are held twice daily at 10am and 12.30pm daily, where guests have the opportunity to feed animals, and learn about the marine eco-system.

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