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VIDEO: Verve Creative Launches VCTV

Verve Creative has recently launched VCTV and VCTV Live allowing organisations to deliver web-suitable video content for anything from holiday greetings to event invitations or news information in a super-fast turnaround time (under 24 hours.)

Verve have established a full broadcast quality video studio in the Sydney CBD where clients can come in at a time that suits their schedule to create a professional quality video at all-inclusive pricing that includes, editing, filming, graphics and more.

The finished product can either be uploaded to a client’s website or a simple website can be created to host the videos using templates designed to incorporate the video(s), client logo and any other information (eg PDF files, etc) .

VCTV Live applies the same principles to a live event, filming with multiple cameras, content is edited instantly on site. Within 2 hours of the event’s conclusion, an interactive website will be live showcasing highlights.

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Click on the video  to watch a sample.