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Urban Hotels Announce 24 Hour Jims

Urban Hotels Group has announced the Group’s in-house ‘Jims’ are now open 24 hours providing jet lagged business travellers, domestic travellers and insomniacs a way to stick to their fitness regime.

Urgban Hotel’s gyms, affectionately called ‘Jim’
are now open 24 hours suiting all guest’s schedules

Regular business traveller who find it difficult sticking to a workout program when on the road with routine and body clock disruptions no longer have to adapt to hotel gyms only open between 6am – 9pm.

The Urban Hotel Group, a trio of stylish properties in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, have adjusted its gym timetable to suit their needs. Urban Hotel training rooms (affectionately named ‘Jim’) will now stay open 24 hours for business executives to work off the stress of the day at any time of the day.

Urban’s ‘Jim’ features treadmills, cross trainers, weight machines, and a range of workout equipment plus plasma screens throughout, exercise mats, and fresh towels for every guest.

Visit the Urban Hotels website for more information.