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Tour Hosts and The Meeting Planners Merge

By Gwen O’Toole

Starting today (Jul 7) former businesses Tour Hosts and The Meeting Planners will merge, creating a new organisation, called Arinex.

Tour Hosts and The Meeting Planners will combine business to form a team operating in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Teams from Tour Hosts and The Meeting Planners
have merged to form a new organisation, Arinex

“We work in a business where we are always focused on the years ahead and I thought it was time for a change and our executive management teams in both companies agreed,” said Arinex, managing director Roslyn McLeod, adding the newly merged companies will “enable us to provide a truly personalised service throughout Australia.”

The name, said McLeod, is an invented word made up of ‘architects of inspiring experiences’.

“Arinex is a word we created to define our vision. It stands for architects of inspiring experiences. ar for architects, in for inspiring and ex for experiences,” she said.

“When we set-out to create this new brand, we were focused on not just implementing a name change, but focusing on the outcomes that we want to deliver to our clients and staff.”

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