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Meet at the Highest Library in the World

The JW Marriott Shanghai is offering a unique venue for meetings – the highest library in the world as listed by Guinness World Records.

Situated on the top floor of the futuristic 60-story monolith built at Tomorrow Square, the 57sq-m library exhudes elegance and style.

It features an expansive collection of English and Chinese literature and a ‘secret’ door built into a swiveling bookcase that opens to an open-air terrace that offers a bird’s eye view of Shanghai’s bustling CBD, including People’s Square, People’s Park and the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Walk.

The library at the JW Marriott Shanghai features a
‘secret’ door built into a swivelling bookcase that
opens up to a viewing deck on the 60th floor

The library was recently used to host US author James Fallow’s Postcards from Tomorrow Square — an outsider’s take on modern China.

It has also been used to host a number of high-profile cocktail parties, dinners and executive meetings, proving popular among Chinese clientele and foreigners gunning to impress Chinese partners and clients. 

“You’ve got to have something that is the highest or biggest in the world,” said JW Marriott Shanghai director of marketing, Simon Dowell, referring to the Shanghaiese obsession with stature or ‘showing face’.

“We have the highest library in the world,” he said.

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