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V8 Supercars Champs Test Drive Dreamworlds Newest Teambuilding Attraction

Five champion V8 Supercars drivers visited Dreamworld to test drive V8 Supercars RedLine, Australia’s first full-motion virtual V8 Supercars experience launched with two racing circuits on Boxing Day. Computer generated graphics for the third circuit, the legendary Mt Panorama, are currently being mapped and the track will be unveiled prior to the 2009 V8 Supercar Championship Series.


Steven Johnson, Fabian Coulthard, Russell Ingall,Cameron McConville and Craig Lowndes take a sneak peak at Dreamworld’s V8 Supercars RedLine

Current Bathurst Champion, Craig Lowndes, Cameron McConville, Supercheap Auto Racing’s former champion Russell Ingall, Fabian Coulthard and Steven Johnson took a virtual spin in the four virtual V8 Supercars branded to replicate those driven by Lowndes and McConville as well as Sprint Gas Racing’s Greg Murphy and Mark Winterbottom.

Fitted with collision detection and real dynamic mechanical vibration, the V8 Supercars RedLine straps your group of thrill seekers into a 360 degree racing world as spectators cheer from the viewing platform on the sideline and watch the driver stats on digital screens.

Dreamworld CEO, Noel Dempsey said his team was determined to bring the virtual racing cars to Australia after first experiencing them in the USA. The trick was to adapt the technology to the Australian framework.

“Nothing thunders through the body like the roar of a V8 engine and nothing appeals to Australian driving enthusiasts more than the battle at Bathurst. We’ve brought the technology from the US and partnered it with what is at heart a deeply revered Aussie sport, V8 Supercars racing.

After test driving the cars himself, Dempsey said, “The attention to detail is incredible. You can actually feel the track push against the steering wheel as you compete against three other simulator cars and 21 computer generated drone cars. Just like a real race, you can also experience the jarring impact of a crash at high speeds.”

Each driver participates in a short briefing video before their race. After the race, they meet in the winner’s podium and receive a printout detailing individual lap times and finishing orders, enabling them to compare results and challenge each other to additional races.

Driver’s Passes cost $10 while Passenger passes are $5.00. Passes can be booked by clicking here.