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Honey, Let’s Get Married In The Snow Chapel

Talk about putting a cool twist on a wedding — Finland’s most popular ski resort Ruka has opened a 100sqm chapel made from snow.

The snow chapel in Ruka, Finland

The snow chapel was opened last week in Ruka, a Finnish ski resort located in the proximity of the Arctic Circle. The full-size chapel has a floor area of approximately 6 by 17 metres and a height of 4 metres. Completed in five days, the structure required 300 cubic metres of snow to build.

The objective of the project was to offer locals and tourists a place of calm and quiet and, as the chapel is ecumenical, all are welcome regardless of religion or belief. It can also be booked for a variety of private ceremonies and the first reservations for services have been made and more are expected.

The snow chapel is expected to be open until mid-April when night-time temperatures will exceed 0 degrees Celsius. It is planned that the snow and ice building will increase in size and vary in shape over future years.

The snow chapel is a joint project between Naturpolis, the Finnish tourist board, Kuusamo congregation, city of Kuusamo and Metsähallitus (Finnish Forest Administration). The chapel was built by snow construction company SnowHow.

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