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QueenSix Poker Launches For Corporate Events

By Gwen O’Toole

QueenSix — a new corporate event service that allows organisers to incorporate Texas Hold ‘em Poker tournaments for teambuilding or fundraising — has launched in Sydney.

QueenSix offers poker tournaments for corporate events

QueenSix mManaging director, James Kruss, said the service creates an environment rivaling the casinos (without the high stakes) and is suitable for beginners as well as experts. The activity can be used purely as a social activity for private events, as a teambuilding activity, client entertainment or as part of a fundraising event with a casino or Las Vegas theme.

“We have developed a service that breaks down corporate barriers and allows staff at all levels to interact and compete in a fun environment. The concept has proven a success for corporate team building, client relationship building, Christmas parties and inter-company networking,” he said.

“Many of our clients have already embraced the concept of corporate team building, so they come to us looking for something that’s more interactive than other corporate events. A tournament-style poker event ensures interaction between employees and clients, whether or not they would normally interact in the workplace. This often results in new or strengthened relationships and is ideal for team building”, he said.

To ensure the success of each event, QueenSix poker provides a corporate event host, poker dealers and high quality equipment. A ‘learn to play’ session is usually held, followed by a tournament. As players are eliminated from the main tournament, remaining players are shifted between seats, until an eventual winner is determined. Players interact and develop mutual respect as the competition goes on. Those who are no longer playing in the main tournament play single-table side games.

Unlike casino fun nights, where players often compete with the house, Kruss says a major benefit of a QueenSix poker corporate event is gained through the interaction that comes from enjoyable competition between employees and guests.

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