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Nude Male Ballet Dancers Perform at Product Launch

Believe Advertising threw this week the Australia launch party for Nexcite, the herbal arousing energy drink from Sweden.

The 70’s dress-up, B-52’s themed bash, was about indulging in some cheeky fun while sporting retro clothing and lots of glitter. Invitations were sent out to the who’s who of Australia’s social scene along with a condom and after drinking Nexcite.

The atmosphere was reminiscent of Studio 54 complete with nude male ballet dancers doing a show that involved strategically draping different body parts in silk. More acts followed, including a woman flying on a trapeze, an acrobat being suspended mid-air with silk sashes and a male on male pole dancing show.

A trapeze artist performs at Nexcite’s
Sydney product

To get the dancing going, aphrodisiac canapés and orgasmic cocktails were served along with blue Nexcite jello shots. Party goers also had the opportunity to sleep with a hot girl or guy (or both!) who were half naked, in a bed located on the Saturday Night Fever style illuminated dance floor.

Female guests (and some male) also literately had their tongue wagging when they had the chance to brush chocolate body paint on a hot, ripped male model’s torso and then lick it off after doing a shot of Nexcite. 

“I wanted to create a party that had people talking about Nexcite from the moment they received the invite, while also highlighting the product’s unique positioning in the market,” said Believe Advertising director, Adrian Falk. “The saucy acts throughout the evening were a great way to reinforce the brand attributes while also being very entertaining for guests.”