Three creative entertainment ideas for your next event

Take your next corporate event to new heights with these three out-of-the-box entertainment solutions.

When its comes to organising an event your guests will remember, choosing effective, creative entertainment is vital to the overall event narrative.

Well versed in creating high-impact entertainment and event concepts that tell an engaging story, Solution Entertainment has been providing show-stopping events for over a decade.

Here are three of their latest creative concepts that take event delegates on a journey like no other:

Red carpet, reimagined

Taking the red carpet experience to a new level, Solution Entertainment has been working to evolve the concept into an interactive experience for guests.

The living red carpet concept has become popular for events and sees guests walk along a red velvet carpet only to be greeted by a performer attached to the end of the material.

To create even more intensity and wow factor, the newly developed Kinetic Red Carpet by Solution Entertainment raises the bar with a vocalist in the centre of four red carpets, complimented by four aerialists to create a high-impact welcome performance.

Breathtaking from all angles, this concept is an unexpected touch of artistic flair event delegates will love. Not to mention it’s a great photo or video opportunity for maximum social media engagement.

Kinetic Red Carpet by Solution Entertainment

Lighting, on demand

Have you ever imagined working with the kind of event producer that will invent a product specifically for your event?

That’s exactly what Solution Entertainment did for a client that was in need of a solution for controllable table lighting.

Rather than using throwaway table styling like flowers and single-use products, the team collaborated with Resolution X to create a reusable solution.

The Resolution X table lights are completely synced with the light rigging throughout the venue and are an ultra-effective way to illuminate any event.

Resolution X table lights

Bring the theatre

For something that truly breaks the mold, consider a custom theatrical build for your next corporate event.

Solution Entertainment not only has the vision to take your guests on a spectacular journey, they have the suppliers to build it.

For example, a client wanted an event theme where technology met nature, to match the aesthetics of their product.

Instead of cut-copy theming, Solution Entertainment created a brand new theme, ‘Neon Temple’, a concept developed entirely for the event.

To execute the theme, the team built a futuristic Incan-inspired temple featuring neon tech enhancements weaving around the outside of the temple walls.

The sides of the temple were covered in live plants and a water curtain stimulating the environment of the jungle, while a large format HD LED screen displayed high-impact geometric visuals.

Custom stage design

These three concepts are just a glimpse into the creative event ideas the team at Solution Entertainment can create and deliver.

To find out how Solution Entertainment can bring your event to life, contact the team:
02 8520 3391

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