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What’s new in tech according to InfoSalons CEO Jo-Anne Kelleway

InfoSalons CEO Jo-Anne Kelleway, who will be speaking at Events Uncovered on 03 July in Sydney, shares some key insights into the world of event tech.

What’s your favourite tech gadget at the moment?

It’s got to be our facial recognition fast-track stations. Attendees register on our platform and then onsite our system scans their face to print their name badges. Very quick and very secure.

What’s the biggest tech trend you have seen in the exhibition sector, both on and off the show floor?

Immersive experiences. Organisers and exhibitors are trying to provide attendees with more interactive experiences, whether that’s a ‘360 view’ online of the show floor, or MR capabilities onsite. It’s all about lifting the engagement levels,

If you could only use one piece of event tech, what would (or should) it be?

Data intelligence tools. As an organiser, you are gathering enormous amounts of intelligence about your event and your attendees from multiple platforms. Having the ability to understand your attendees on a deeper level by accessing all the data is paramount for keeping your event relevant.

Who is using tech well?

There’s not any one particular client but some of our multinationals are attracting and engaging with exhibitors on a deeper level. For example, personally meeting with the bellwethers to profile the buyers that they want to meet, and then marketing to ensure that these buyers attend. Using AI tools such as Grip that uses specific algorithms to profile the right buyer and allows for appointments onsite during the event, helps provide a more personalised experience for all attendees.

Want to pick Jo-Anne’s brains a little more on the world of event tech? Make sure you register for her tech session by clicking here.

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