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12 ways to blow your delegates away on your incentive trip

Pictured: Amway China is famous for throwing deluxe incentive trips for its top performers.

Words: Mercedes Ibett, Managing Director, EVT Incentive Marketing 

It’s a feeling of making it, feeling special, blown away by all you’ve experienced and leaving wanting to do everything possible to make it on the next trip!

Incentive Travel is a reward that can give well beyond the actual trip by creating long last experiences and build loyalty that will give for a long time to come.

For that reason, it should be positioned as the big reward that is achieved for doing something extraordinary– whether it be growth, top performance or major behaviour change (ideally all three!).

The trip itself must be distinguished from just a basic conference or travel tour- an incentive trip is so much more. It delivers on the promise of a true reward – an experience you can only get if you work incredibly hard during the incentive program and achieve a place. It is for the best of the best.

This does not mean it needs to be big budget, a faraway destination or a particularly long trip. But there are elements that we believe are important to creating that ‘Incentive Trip Feeling’:

  • Personalised Communications in the lead up to the trip.
  • High level of customer service at all touch points.
  • If the budget permits, include partners – an experience shared is an experience remembered.
  • Invest time in creating the most unique experiences. How do you make those must-see parts of any destination come alive and feel special?
  • Find opportunities to connect with the locals. If CSR is appropriate to the destination, give them the opportunity to give back to the local community. If not, find the heart of that destination and bring it to life.
  • Take a moment to recognise their successes. They’ve worked hard to get there after all.
  • Make sure you have your companies’ CEOs or Directors on the trip – there is nothing like building loyalty and a connection with company than experiencing all these wonderful things together.
  • Give them some down time. The balance of a trip is so important and you need to let them sit back and take it all in!
  • Host and make them feel special.
  • Follow up after the trip, a small token from the trip will keep those memories alive!

Sure #instagram worthy moments are great, but it’s all about ensuring you create that ‘Incentive Trip Feeling’ – then an Incentive Trip has reached it’s potential.

Mercedes Ibbett will be talking more about incentives at Events Uncovered in Sydney on 03 July, held at The Argyle. Sign up for her session by clicking here.

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