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Save the date: EA/PA Conference 2017

Spice Magazine - Press Release

The 5th Annual Australia National EA/PA Conference will take place in Melbourne from 10 – 12 April 2017 and Sydney from 19 – 21 April 2017.

In the two-day conference, attendees will hear from award-winning EA/PAs, including Executive Assistant of the Year 2015 Dimitra Zographos from Western Union Business Solutions, as well as executives and top experts from various disciplines such as John Karagounis, CEO of The CEO Circle and The EA Circle and Ros Cardinal, recipient of the Australia Leadership Coach of the Year 2016 award. Attendees will discover how to strengthen their capabilities portfolio and leave this highly-acclaimed event with the essential knowledge and skills to transform into exceptional assistants.

This conference sets the stage – within the luxurious 5-star Melbourne Marriott and Intercontinental Sydney hotels – for insightful discussions on how EAs and PAs can improve their performance and enhance their value to employers as their roles expand beyond administrative tasks. Today’s EAs and PAs take on project management, are involved in strategic planning, and often work directly alongside the executives they support.

Conference speaker and Page Personnel Australian Executive Assistant of the Year 2016 award winner Megan Green said, “In the business world, things change fast. Having an EA who is current in technology, trends and business direction, is more valuable than an EA that focuses only on what they already know and is not willing to look outside their own skill set to learn new things.

“I stay current via LinkedIn, industry newsletters, networking and research. The way an EA learns, shares and utilizes their knowledge is at the core of their success,” said Green.

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