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The biggest trends that shaped 2016


The broccoli handbag has yet to take off

Read on to find out what the biggest trends to hit Australia were this year.


Regardless of whether you love it, hate it, or are still wondering what it is, Snapchat is the most influential social platform for marketers wanting to connect with millennials. Click here for some scary/eye-opening statistics on this platform that has outstripped Twitter in terms of user numbers.


AirBnb and Uber
With the launch of AirBnb for Business, and Uber being legalised in every state and territory of Australian, except for the Northern Territory, these so-called disruptors are now as mainstream as quinoa or kale. Expect that your clients and delegates will want to engage with the sharing economy and build these options in when promoting your event.


Local and sustainable
It is a rare menu that doesn’t make these claims about at least some of its featured ingredients. The next step seems to be the vertical integration of this process, wherein restaurateurs and chefs buy¬†farms, work directly with producers, or run cooking schools at the farm gate or cellar door. Same goes for locally produced spirits, craft beers and wine lists stocked with regional varietals.


A return to nature
Interior styling has taken a distinct turn for the natural. With bleached timbers, abundant potplants, macrame hangers in natural fibres and animal skins used as accents, it’s not quite Nordic; nor is it the full 70s-redux. It’s a fresh new look that is the love-child of ski cabin and greenhouse.


While this trend has been emerging for years, it’s really taken a hold when you can construct your own burger at McDonalds, blithely pay $4.80 for a cup of single origin coffee, or pop into Target and buy a Jean-Paul Gaultier dress. The market has become obsessed with luxury. How does this translate to the business tourism and events market? Think room and flight upgrades, designer corporate gifts, celebrity chefs designing menus and pop-ups of sought after dining establishments like Noma.

What do you think the biggest trends were this year?



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