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ICC Sydney to host EEAA awards and conference

EEAA and ICC Sydney teams at last year's awards reception

EEAA and ICC Sydney teams at last year’s EEAA reception

EEAA has accepted ICC Sydney’s invitation to host its annual event at the venue as one of 24 official test events later this year.

The EEAA 2016 Conference and Awards for Excellence will be held at ICC Sydney on 29-30 November.

EEAA chief executive Joyce DiMascio said, “Holding our annual Conference and Awards for Excellence as a pre-opening event at ICC Sydney is a great opportunity for the industry to experience the venue and for us to help test the new facility under event conditions.

“There is a great deal of excitement about the new venue so we look forward to working with the team at ICC Sydney on our events.”

ICC Sydney Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Donaghy, said hosting EEAA’s annual Conference and Awards for Excellence will allow exhibition professionals the chance to experience the new venue and the features that will make doing business in Sydney much easier.

“ICC Sydney looks forward to showing off a diverse and highly flexible venue, which will set new benchmarks for the industry more broadly. More importantly, we are looking forward to showcasing an extraordinary team that is 100% focussed on the success of clients as we put our industry leading approach to culinary, audio visual and event services to the test.” Mr Donaghy said.

The EEAA 2016 Awards program will kick off with a call for entries in Mid-August.



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