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Fun idea: Slidestreet


Slidestreet is a 315 metre pop up inflatable slip ‘n’ slide that debuted in Perth and will roll out in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne in the coming weeks.

After months of development and liaison with various councils, radio station Nova will bring Slidestreet to other capital cities.

Nova Slidestreet will be popping up at Bartels Road, Adelaide on Sunday 18th January, Lansdowne Street at Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne on Saturday 24th January and Parkes Drive, Centennial Park, Sydney on Monday 26th January (Australia Day).

NOVA Entertainment Group Marketing Director Tony Thomas said, “Nothing is more Australian than a slip ‘n’ slide and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate summer than providing massive scale to an Aussie tradition. Nova listeners love summer and Nova Slidestreet brings together all the best parts of being Australian – live music, fun in sun, great food and hanging out with mates. We were thrilled to partner with Slidestreet to be the first to put on this type of event in three capital cities.”

Click below to view the video:


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