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Get Your Team to Fly High with Circus Oz

For over 35 years Circus Oz has been captivating audiences with brilliant and entertaining shows across Australia and around this great globe. This season Circus Oz is springing into action with corporate programs for team building, strategic planning, and hosting events and conferences.

Why run away with the circus?

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Celebrate your organisation’s success, or build trust and communication within your team with the Circus Oz High Flying Teams Program. The international success of a Circus Oz production is the result of creativity, risk taking and trust combined with well-aligned teams that work together towards organisational goals. Circus Oz shares this experience with companies to create memorable, exciting and one-of-a-kind team building sessions.

The High Flying Teams Program offers a highly specialized energetic approach for all shapes, sizes and levels of experience. Circus Oz has brought together some of Australia’s best talent in circus performance with deeply experienced leadership and change consultants to provide team developments experiences that are simply not available anywhere else.

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With a combination of fun, challenging and innovative activities including the static trapeze, low tight wire, tumbling and other performance skills the program assists the implementation of the key values of successful team building. This is an opportunity for organizations to improve their team dynamics, self-management skills, intra personal skills and relationship development within the fun, safe environment of the circus.

To create the best experience possible, Circus Oz will work with your organization, customizing our program to meet your specific requirements, including groups numbers, catering, entertainment, speakers. Programs can either be held at our Collingwood training centre, or at your premises.

Circus Oz High Flying Teams deliver innovative development experiences lifting businesses and their teams to new heights!

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Del Robinson
Business Development Manager
Circus Oz
03 9676 0352