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Murray Regional Tourism to develop adventure trail


Murray Regional Tourism (MRT) is planning to develop an adventure trail along the Murray River from Albury to Mildura.

The trail is expected to attract an additional 100,000 visitors, 69 jobs and $12.5 million to the region each year when complete. It will cover an estimated 1,040km on the river and 1,390km of riverside track.

Francis said, “We are pleased to be driving this major infrastructure project for the region which will provide visitors a more immersive experience as well as drive investment, business opportunities and visitation to the towns along the Murray River.”

The development will include overnight camping sites, signage, toilets and jetties is estimated to cost $23.4 million over 10 years.

The completed feasibility and business case for the Murray River Adventure Trail has been accepted by the Federal Government and MRT Board and will shortly be available in full at

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