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Fun idea: KeepSnaps printer for events


KeepSnaps is a small printer that connects to the Internet and finds photos on Instagram or Twitter tagged with a certain hashtag. They are then printed in real time, onto branded paper as gifts for the event attendees.

It’s an alternative to the photobooth concept wherein photos are taken throughout the event, rather than tucked away in a booth, and then posted across various social channels in real time.

KeepSnaps founder Kathryn Thompson was inspired to bring the technology to the Australian market after watching it take over the New York event scene.

Thompson said, “KeepSnaps not only enhances events for guests, it also brings unprecedented social media coverage for the event organiser as people are inspired to take more photos, meaning the unique hashtag goes viral.”

Additional features include a live photo stream projection with the option to add in advertising slides, a photo book and event Instagram photographer.


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