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Catering trend: Raw meat

Regan Porteous

Regan Porteous from Riley Street Garage tells us how to serve raw meat without freaking anyone out.

1. Quality produce: First and foremost the produce must be of the highest quality. I would recommend only buying from a reputable fish monger or butcher. Let them know that you’re using the produce specifically for a raw dish and ask them to guide you to what fish/cut of meat is the best to use.

2. Hygiene: As you won’t be cooking the meat it’s imperative that it be prepared in a sterile, germ free environment. The kitchen bench, chopping boards, utensils and your hands all need to be super clean.

3. Utensils: The sharper the knife the easier and quicker it will be to prepare the meat. It will allow a clean cut and help to produce thin, even slices/diced pieces.

4. Preparation time: When working with raw meats it’s important to keep them cool at all times. Work quick, making sure you don’t let the meat get to room temperature. I would recommend that you always serve a raw dish straight away, but if you’re preparing it in advance ensure that it’s kept in the fridge until it’s time to serve.

5. Dressing: If dressing the meat it’s best to do it just before serving, especially if the dressing is of high acidity, like vinegar. At Riley St Garage we serve our Beef Carpaccio with a soy vinegar, which we don’t add until the waiter is standing at the pass ready to take the dish to the table.


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