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Hot destination: New Caledonia


Australia’s closest international neighbour is ramping up its efforts to attract MICE business. Read on for everything you need to know about this emerging destination.


–          No jetlag: There’s no time difference between East Coast Australia and New Caledonia

–          You can buy French wine and cheese that you can’t get in Australia

–          Beer is cheaper in New Caledonia than it is in Australia

–          New Caledonia is the closest French speaking country to Australia so it’s a great place for Francophiles to practice their language skills

–          It’s only a 2.5 hour flight from Sydney

–          W-class ticketing is now available on Air Cailin codeshare with Qantas

–          Air Cailin will launch 3 x weekly flights ex-Melbourne on June 6, 2014

–          The new-build Sheraton opens on July 4, 2014

–          New Caledonia is Australia’s first foreign neighbour

–          Noumea is considered the ‘French Riviera’ of the South Pacific

–          The rebranded and refurbished Hilton opened in November 2013

–          New Caledonia has the world’s biggest UNESCO World Heritage listed lagoon

–          Nerd alert! New Caledonia has 70 endemic plant species

–          A new trade website for travel agents will launch on April 12. Stay tuned.


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