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Fun idea: Pony Dining’s Game of Thrones tribute dish


Just in time for  the cult show’s return to Aussie screens, Pony Dining in Brisbane has announced a Games of Thrones (GoT) tribute dish that includes a whole roast partridge, faro, roasted root vegetables, baked fruit stuffing, and bread sauce.

This dish is available for a limited time from 1 April until 14 April 2014 .

GoT fan and Pony head chef Damien Draper said, “This style of almost paleo eating is absolutely how they prepared and served their food in medieval times; it’s a great way to eat, it focuses on the flavours of whole food, and interestingly, it’s one of the strongest current food trends, albeit it’s been modernised. It’s a great way to celebrate the return of a phenomenal series, and the perfect excuse for a feast.”

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