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MEA secures training academy funding

Linda Gaunt Profile 2014 - High Res

MEA’s lobbying has paid off with this week’s announcement that its Australian Events Academy will receive government funding.

The Australian Events Academy (AEA) is a registered training organisation dedicated to the education and training of students for the events industry.

MEA CEO Linda Gaunt said, “Such sizeable funding will enable employees over numerous regions in NSW the opportunity to undertake education to assist them with their future career aspirations within the industry. Participants will be able to undertake full qualifications for a minimal fee as the majority of the qualification attracts funding.”

MEA has been lobbying for this funding for some time as the AEA is a unique and vital education facility within Australia. Gaunt stressed the importance of the AEA’s continued work in providing the skills to ensure Australia’s overall competitiveness on the domestic and international event industry stage.


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