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Perth introduces free WiFi in the CBD

The City of Perth is the first and only Australian capital city to give people free blanket WiFi internet access across its central business district from St Georges Terrace, the Murray and Hay Street malls, Forrest Place, Barrack Square, Stirling Gardens, and adjoining streets.

The coverage doesn’t rely on hotspots so users can move freely around the city while staying connected. To connect, select ‘Perth wi-fi’ on your device. Users can connect for an hour at a time, after which they must reconnect to use the service again.

Perth Convention Bureau CEO Paul Beeson said, “Not only will it benefit local business owners and Perth employees, but it will also be a major draw card to Perth for business events and tourism.

“For business travellers wanting to communicate with ease, completing business transactions will no longer be limited. WiFi will enhance our public space and provide a valuable resource for the out of office worker.

“This makes perfect sense for those visiting internationally or nationally for conferences or business meetings. It shows Perth as readily accessible to the world and provides the option for those that require the ability to connect anywhere at any time.

“The business traveller will no longer be restricted to limited internet options – they will be able to email, check for transport and access local maps and local businesses also have the opportunity to  provide information on their services through the free WiFi service.

“Whilst other Australian capitals have been slower to offer this free service, Perth understands the value and benefits of offering WiFi.  Already recognised as a city of excellence for health, agriculture and education, Perth is also a leader of innovation and we are continuing to build our reputation as a modern, progressive and smart city”.