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Darling Harbour to host Mardi Gras celebrations

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras have partnered to extend the Mardi Gras celebrations into the Darling Harbour precinct.

The first collaborative event will be the Month of Love held from 1 February – 1 March 2014.

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority CEO Catherine Gallagher said, “We are delighted to host Mardi Gras festivities in the Darling Harbour precinct and we extend a huge welcome to all the visitors who watch the event along the parade route and want to continue their celebrations.

“We are entering a new and very exciting phase with the beginning of the Darling Harbour Live project and the development of The Goods Line, due for completion in August.

“Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority has entered the collaboration with Mardi Gras with a long-term view and we welcome new partnership opportunities to grow our visitation”.

Month of Love is part of Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority’s calendar of events that helps contribute close to $162 million to the State’s visitor economy.