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Fun idea: Carte Noire 3D street art

Carte Noire Sydney 3D art launch

Red Agency came up with a fun way to communicate the Australian launch of coffee brand Carte Noire to Sydney consumers. 

How did the idea come about?: We were looking at ideas that would bring to life Carte Noire’s fire and ice roasting campaign. We wanted to create something that was big and visually striking and which would also provide content that would be ‘deliberately shareable’. We landed on creating a giant 3D piece of artwork which illustrates the first scene of their new TVC.

Was it hard to find an artist?: 
We shortlisted a world-renowned Australian street artist Jenny McCracken and briefed her on the project, which immediately interested her.

Jenny McCracken with her artwork

How long did the event run for?: The event ran from 7am until 3pm on the forecourt outside Customs House in Sydney.

How long did the artwork take?: 
The artwork took two weeks to put together in the artist’s studio in Mildura, Victoria. It was a 2.4m x 15m piece in size and was made from a combination of paint and chalk.

What was the benefit to Carte Noire?The benefit to the client was that they were able to produce an ownable piece of art which would help to showcase their unique fire and ice roasting process and TVC. The video showing how the artwork was made and how the public engaged with it has now had over 20,000 views on YouTube. The event also drew a lot of attention from passers-by which enabled us to put the product into the hands of 15,000 consumers through dedicated sampling activity.