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VictorsFood launches venue-friendly option

Following on from the launch of its interactive catering experience earlier this year, VictorsFood has launched a one hour version of the program that keeps internal food and beverage teams onside.

Victor Pisapia (centre left) has created a new F&B friendly product

Executive Chef and founder of VictorsFood Victor Pisapia said, “A number of venue Event Sales people we talked to about our interactive catering really wanted to use the service but were getting push back from their F&B teams. Our one hour version lets them offer their guests a unique experience without making changes to their internal operations and still provides opportunities for their own F&B to shine.”

Mercure Sydney sales manager Shannan Lane said, “We’re really excited to have something different to offer our clients aligning with the Mercure brand which focuses on local food and beverage offerings. We love working with VictorsFood; they offer a great solution in hands-on cooking events.”

VictorsFood interactive catering combines food service with entertainment to engage guests.

Pisapia said, “This is a truly innovating offering with big wins for event organisers, their guests and the venues. People love getting involved in cooking instead of passively standing around and being fed or talked at, but venue F&B teams aren’t set up to do anything like this. Our Chef Presenters encourage interaction among guests, mixing things up, breaking down barriers and getting them connecting.”