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Perth to host 2019 Zeolite Conference

The International Zeolite Association members voted during their recent conference in Moscow, Russia to hold their 19th conference in Perth in 2019 ahead of a strong competing bid from Valencia, Spain.

Perth beat Valencia to host the Zeolite conferece

Paul Beeson, CEO of Perth Convention Bureau said  that he delighted with this win which will place Western Australia in an important position for knowledge sharing between world leading scientific and chemical professionals.

Perth’s bid, led by Sue Stepatschuk, Director of Marketing at Perth Convention Bureau and the Curtin Engineering team, headed by Moses Tade, Dean of Engineering attended the 17th International Zeolite Conference in Moscow in July to present the bid to association members.

Zeolite is a natural occurring mineral that can also be created synthetically and is used in a diverse range of industrial, commercial, rural and domestic applications due to its extraordinary ability to adsorb, hold, release, and exchange different chemicals, nutrients, toxins and ions. Australia is home to a huge 300 million year old zeolite deposit at Werris Creek, NSW.

The estimated economic impact to WA for the duration of the conference is estimated at $4.4 million dollars’ worth of expenditure by delegates with this possibly doubling if delegates choose to stay on for pre and post conference touring. 

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