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Skyline Displays launches air powered exhibit system

Display system producers and designers, Skyline have announced Skyline WindScape, an air-powered and easy-to-transport system for trade shows and events.

The technology was unveiled last week at a launch event at Skyline’s world headquarters in the USA, and was simulcast at Skyline dealer offices across the globe, including the Skyline Displays Australia head office in Brisbane.

Skyline’s WindScape exhibit system is the first system to use inflatable technology in trade show exhibit structures.

It is available in 46 standard exhibit shapes, from small overlays and back wall displays to large hanging structures and 4.8 metre tall towers — even as an entire inflatable conference room. A full 3 metre back wall display transports in a single carry-on case.

WindScape takes minutes to inflate and deflate, reducing installation time while maintaining both quality and professional style. Skyline’s inflator is powered by a rechargeable battery pack or plug-in that will work around the world. The structure is built around a fabric frame, and contains an inner air tube which, when inflated, creates a solid frame. This frame is covered by a wrinkle-free fabric graphic, which is always in place, but is also removable, so that messaging may be easily exchanged.

“Because the time and expense for transporting and setting up exhibits is a major pain point for exhibitors, we know this product answers a major need,” said Bill Dierberger, president, Skyline Exhibits Inc. (USA).  “WindScape has made the entire exhibiting experience easier and more cost effective at every step.”

Skyline WindScape also is a new option for many other applications beyond trade shows, including events, popup stores, shopping centre displays, media walls or temporary private spaces like special event health clinics or smaller hotel conferences.

“Skyline WindScape is an ideal choice for applications in which an exhibit, display or structure needs to be set up quickly, then packed up easily and transported,” added Dierberger.

Skyline Displays Australia was established in Brisbane in 1984, making it one of the oldest and most experienced exhibition display companies in Australia. The company manufactures a broad range of products for trade shows and events from banner stands and pop-up displays to large custom modular exhibits.


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