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Discgo Charger launches for venues and events

Discgo Charger has launched for venues and events to combat the hassle of short phone battery life for attendees at conferences and events.

The Discgo Charger is currently installed throughout Sydney and is quickly moving nationally into bars, cafes and other venues around Queensland and NSW, and will shortly be moving into Melbourne and Adelaide, and has already appeared at a number of conferences and special events, including Festival of The Sun music festival. There is also an app that tracks the locations of Discgo Chargers closest to your location.

Providing a truly ‘mobile’ mobile charger device, Discgo Charger is designed for cafes, restaurants, bars, events and conferences, allowing patrons and guests patrons to move about freely, while giving their phone a much-needed charge.

The Discgo Charger has the same charge rate as plugging a phone into a wall socket and can charge two phones at one time. The Discgo Charger is compatible with all models of phones, with a variety of different cables to suit the up to the minute smart phones and the old school non smart phones.

“Everyone needs to keep interactive these days,” said managing director, Sean Brandtman. “We are all looking for ways of charging our mobile phones whilst on the move. So no need to carry that charger around with you, we have the solution – Discgo Charger.”