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Planners encouraged to embrace event technology

Event managers and creative directors are being advised to adopt event technologies and be innovative or risk being left behind as clients increasingly seek out creative and cutting edge branding solutions.

Projections for a gala dinner celebrating the 20th anniversary of World Expo 88.

Joanna Jordan, creative director at Brisbane based event management company, j2 ideas & events has suggested that event managers need to keep up with technology and industry trends in order to remain competitive.

She said, “Let’s face it, we are living in a completely digital age and this is definitely transforming the events industry.”

Joanna Jordan, creative director of j2 ideas & events.

“Our clients are seeking new and creative ways to achieve their branding and marketing goals and there is an expectation now that event planners have the ability to push boundaries and create visually exciting experiences for audiences.”

Jordan advised that visual affects such as projection and lighting had come a long way over the past decade and were now an invaluable tool for engaging with audiences, creating emotional connections and ensuring events leave a lasting impression.

She said, “My first foray into the creative application of large-scale projections for events was back at the Goodwill Games in 2001 and it amazes me how events technology has progressed since then.”

A Monopoly game projection on the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC)

So how can event planners put projection technology to use? Joanna advises to think big and keep in mind what your client’s objectives for the event are.

“Projection technology allows you to communicate with your audience en masse so event managers should think about how to best use that space be it for brand messaging or to create an emotional journey for the audience.”